Ouidrop machine aéroport

The DROPPER is our intelligent and compact system for storing visitors’ personal belongings in individual and secure lockers.

two ways to use it

Ouidrop machine bureau

The DROPPER can be installed anywhere without any work, it requires a standard electrical supply and network.

Ouidrop machine bureau

We can install the DROPPER in a space already provided for lockers or locker rooms so that it fits perfectly in your place.

The lockers

With OUIDROP, choose the size and quantity of lockers that you want in your locker room. There are three sizes of lockers.
The S size, 10 cm deep; The M size, 20 cm deep; The L size, 30 cm deep.

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Installation and maintenance

data plateform

A 100% customizable locker room

OUIDROP offers you to customize your locker room so that it adapts to all your needs. Choose the size of the lockers, the appearance of your machine, the operating mode…