Ouidrop offers you the first automatic storage solution that is 100% made in France and recyclable, for use in public places and companies.

The Dropper allows you to store your visitors’ or employees’ personal belongings and/or parcels in individual and secure lockers, while offering them a unique experience and a comfortable, innovative and fast service.

Compared to traditional lockers, our modular system allows you to optimise up to 50% of floor space.


connected lockers

click & collect





An interactive touch-screen terminal is at your disposal to be able to order your checkroom.

Step 1 → Log inYou have to scan your badge

Step 2 → Format choice(s) of the locker(s)

Step 3 → Choice of secret code

Step 4 → Payment by credit card (only payment method accepted)

OUIDROP offers 3 sizes of lockers in its systems :

Size S (Standard) is sized for a single clothing item (coat, jacket or down jacket), a bag and an accessory (scarf, small umbrella…). Its depth is 10 cm. 

The M (Medium) format is sized to hold two clothing items (it has 2 hangers), or one clothing item and a backpack or handbag. Its depth is 20 cm.

The L (Large) format is sized to accommodate a cabin-sized suitcase, a travel bag or scooter/motorcycle helmets. Its depth is 30 cm.  

If you have any doubts, the terminal will help you choose the right size locker when you check in.

Only clothing, accessories, bags, suitcases and helmets are allowed in our lockers. Some products are totally forbidden:

– Edged weapons
– Sharp objects
– Firearms
– Corrosive substances
– Flammable substances
– Radioactive materials
– Explosive products
– All living beings

The maximum weight allowed in the crates is 20 kg. A weight sensor will allow you to check and therefore validate that you respect this limit. If you exceed this limit, an error message will appear on the display near your locker and the door will not close until the weight limit is respected. 

OUIDROP lockers are self-service. Each visitor can therefore get his or her things back whenever he or she wishes. Nevertheless, each location may limit the hours of access to the service (ask for information when dropping off your belongings). 

Finally, for security reasons, the duration of the storage of your belongings in the system is limited in time. This duration may depend on each location / event. 

Each locker is completely closed. Therefore no object can leave it once the door is closed.

Furthermore, there is only one access to the inside of the machine, which is totally secure. Therefore, no one has access to your locker except you.